A downloadable game for Windows

My first Ever Ludum Dare Game! I hope you enjoy playing it!


You’re stranded with your little baby in a world filled with zombies, luckily zombies only come at night. How long can you survive? can you beat the highest scores?


Don’t lose your stamina. You can replenish it by sleeping in your little brown bed.

Don’t let the baby’s cries get too high. Walk up to the baby’s crib and comfort it.

Zombies come during Night time only, so make sure to make the most use of Day time to comfort baby and regain stamina.

Kill Zombies, get points and once you have enough there is a strange orange machine on top of the house, when its light turns green make sure to check it out.

Full Controls

WASD to move

SPACE to Jump

LMB to Fire

E to Interact

HOLD E to comfort baby when you’re next to it

Install instructions

Download, Unzip, and Enjoy :)


Sacrificial Love.zip 22 MB
Sacrificial Love - windowed.zip 22 MB

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