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This is a fast paced, rage inducing runner with 20 Levels.

Made for GMC#35 Game Jam | THEME: Supernatural

Disclaimer: I believe the game still needs alot of work, balancing and playtesting so it might be too tough or too easy I can't even tell..

This is a fast paced, rage inducing runner that requires "supernatural" skills to complete all 20 Levels.

Up Arrow : Jump / Double Jump
Down Arrow : Slide / Duck
Z (HOLD) : CLOSE EYES [THIS HIDES ENEMIES AND RAISES ADRENALINE LEVEL] You can pass through enemies while holding the Z key
X : SCREAM  [Shoot a high speed scream that scares away the first enemy hit!]

Don't let the adrenaline bar reach beyond PANIC mark for too long or you might risk a heart attack and lose the run.
If adrenaline gets too low you will lose the ability to double jump.

Hope you have fun playing :)
Don't forget to tell me your opinion, comment and suggestions.

Published 9 days ago
Tags2D, GameMaker, Runner, Speedrun

Install instructions

- Unzip, and Enjoy :)


Super Adrenaline Boy.zip 13 MB